88% of the youths only “think“, but never “do”.

In fact, 1 billion people are struggling with procrastination. (Data from Procrastination Stats)

Min, is one of them, but she has become “Last Minute Master”. This is her story:

She came across the “Law of Attraction”, a belief that positive thoughts will bring positive impacts to a person’s life, and this belief has then changed her life.

Applying the Law of Attraction, she has

  • seen whatever life has thrown to her as a sign from the universe and accepted the challenges
  • created her circle surrounded by people with similar goals and energy
  • always believed in her potential to work things out despite the last-minute stress


There are 4 major transformational stories:

  1. Min’s Confidence in Speaking

Past: She used to admire those who could present themselves confidently and fluently in front of the public.


Now: She started trying emcees, moderators, and leadership positions, so she forced herself to speak, reflect and speak again in front of more people. She has now become a FEMALE STUDENT LEADER who portrays confidence in her presentations.


  1. Min’s Passion for Entrepreneurship

Past: She didn’t come from a Business background, but she always believed in an entrepreneurship mindset and hoped that one day she could become a WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR.


Now: She started exposing herself to entrepreneurship through joining a few competitions.

Major achievements included:

  • Youth Entrepreneur Challenge 3.0 by Penang Youth Development Corporation – 1st Runer-up
  • Huawei Malaysia Sales Elite Challenge 2021 – Champion
  • Huawei Malaysia Sales Elite Challenge 2021 – Top 10 Best Individuals
  • Bizmaker 2022 “Moving into Mastery” – 2nd Runner-up


  1. Min’s Breakthrough in Female Leadership Roles

Past: She never thought she would become a leader, until she met active student leaders like Neha and Celes. Min then joined Students’ Representative Council, representing more than 5000 Multimedia University students to raise their voices for better welfare.


Now: She is the FIRST CHAIRWOMAN of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics (IEEE) Multimedia University Student Branch.

Her team’s achievements included:

  • IEEE Malaysia 2021 Outstanding Student Branch Award
  • IEEE Malaysia 2021 Innovation Activity Award – Project E.D.Di.E
  • IEEE Darrel Chong Student Activity Award – Project E.D.Di.E
  • MMU Awards 2021 – Top 5 Best Club


  1. Min’s Body Transformation

Past: Min has a brother who is a gym enthusiast and has disciplined himself with gym workouts for 4 years. Despite her will to join him for the workout, she always gave excuses.


Now: During her 4-month internship in her hometown, she finally decided to revive her gym workout sessions. From a gym newbie, she learned a lot of workout techniques and has KEPT THIS ROUTINE ONGOING.


Why Min deserves Monsta Asia Young Award 2022?

  • To inspire more women leaders, especially among the technical professionals, like engineering
  • To add value to the youth by exploring their potential
  • To expand her circle of “attractive personalities and qualities” through Monsta community