Hello & Salam Sejahtera!

My name is Hazwan Nizam bin Ibrahim, lived in Tutong District, specifically in Kampong Birau. I’m 26 years old and eldest son in my family. Currently, i am working in Ministry of Religous Affairs as Religious Officer. My hobby is playing futsal, reading book, cafe hopping, doing charity works and etc. I graduated from University of Al-Azhar, Egypt with Bachelors Degree of Usuluddin.

Participated in numerous NGOs in brunei as a volunteer, which started from 2014, such as We Care Brunei, Projek Bina Ukhwah, Impak Tutong, Projek Feed, Mosque Youth Association and many more. My objective to participate in these organizations is to help the communities in various projects and events such a donation drive, help building a house for the needy, beach clean up, collecting fund and other similar projects. Recently, during the pandemic, I volunteered the ‘Sukarelawan Belia’ as a frontliner in battling the covid-19 outbreak which started in April 2020. Currently, I am still participating in the organization and more to come.

As an eldest son in my family, I work very hard to support them as how they have been supporting me throughout my life. Even though, pressure builds especially from responsibilities and efforts to fulfill my family desire, I strive to be the better version of myself. I am also a teacher at Islamic Da’wah Centre, teaching the muallaf students every weekend located in my district, Tutong.

To overcome my fear of communicating with people, I decided to reach out to societies by participating in public speaking competition, volunteering, engaging with communities, joined and organized programs and events in numerous clubs and organization and etc. From that, I was nominated as ‘Belia Berkhidmat’ during the 17th Hari Belia Kebangsaan 2022. As a shutterbug, which is enthusiastic photographer, I enjoyed myself photographing and also learn about video editing and learn about it. My throwback picture in 2018 during His Majesty Sultan Brunei visit Tutong was nominated in Top 5 Asean Youth Photo Competition held by Asean Cambodia 2022.

This year 2022 is so wonderful, we are in Endemic phase of Covid after 3 years of struggle battling life’s ups and downs. I am looking forward to see our Asean Communities doing more event, program and project that connected us in the near future to reach Asean Community Vision 2025.