Hello my name is Ghea Aprillia, I am a full time barista at one of the multinational coffee shops. I have been a barista for about four years since I was nineteen years old and I am really enjoying it. There are few things that I want to share throughout my career. First, everytime I work, I always meet new people with various characteristics. I met around 100 people in a day from day to night. In the morning,we open at 6.30. There, I met a typical office person. They tend to rush to catch up on their office time. So, I dituntut to do everything in quick. At noon, I usually meet a relaxed person. They come to our coffeeshop to hangout, brunch, enjoy their coffee break, or even just to chill. In the evening, an exhausted typical person, or a pack of family that seek dinner are the customers that I usually meet. They want to have a relaxing place, drink, and meal. These types of customers determine what kind of actions that I am going to deliver to them.


To be an impactful person in my definition is that we can cherish people’s day. This kind of action does not have to be in a massive scope. It also can be done only from my bar station. When I was making a drink, I had a conversation with my customer. He asked me a simple question “Do you get bored doing your job?”. I simply reply that I am happy to do my job. The same question I ask him as well. Shockingly, he said that he was not comfortable with his job and he was just tired of doing it repeatedly. A man once said that “Sometimes, to live this lifes, we do not have many options and what we need to do is just endure it and you will survive”. I shared that quote to him and said that “you are very strong to stay and keep continuing your life, but if you want to look for a new opportunity that is great as well”. His drink was ready and I gave it to him. In his drink, I wrote down some notes “it is never too late to be what you might have been, opportunities do not come, you create it yourself”. When I look into his face, there is a big smile sculpted.


In conclusion, whatever our job, our ethnicity, our races, and our age, we all can give an impact to others. We do not have to be big first to influence others, but it can start anytime and anywhere. These little things can give a great impact only by saying and writing notes to them when we say it sincerely. Sometimes, people just do not have a place or someone to talk to. I am happy to be someone that people find it enjoyable to have a conversation with and I hope that I will be able to cherish people’s day, not only one or two persons but also more than a hundred people, in the next few years.