Eid Festival,  and I was with my father at the shopping mall for some shopping but suddenly we stopped….!!

A little very thin, sick, torned and dusty  shirt wear boy came and ask for a girl outfit with very emotional eyes. I was so wondered and asked that boy- dear, why you are looking for a girl outfit instead of a boy outfit. Then he said, he has a little sister who wants a dress in eid festival cause everyone was doing shopping for the festival. I was so touched and bought him a shirt also a girl outfit and went to his slum. After getting the dress the smile of that boy also his sister’s was priceless and it gives me so satisfaction and peace in my mind that I never felt before.

After that, I decided to buy dresses and create a market beside to that slum. So that every child can do shopping on their own. I could felt that love and happiness still. I find peace with others smile  from the very early age of mine. I love to do service for others. And it is my passion, my mission,  my aim, my hobby,  my everything.  I consider myself as a leader so I am working in my society and tring to involve and inspire more service minded young people, who believe in peace live within service.  I am working for creating more peacebuilders and give them SDG- 4 Quality Education and my project name is- Light For Life. I am also working for climate Action SDG-13.  Cause we need work for this issues to save the earth for our future generation.  Thats why I am also working on my climate action project – “Fortune”. I have facilitate many young people.  I have a great experience to work with diverse group of people and leaders, nationally and internationally.

I am involving youth cause I believe youth have the ability to create peace everywhere of this world.I also believe that service for others is the best form of prayer. We should do whatever little we can to help the not so fortunate. Even we may donate a small portion of our time, income, we may take out time to teach the underprivileged children, sponsor a meal for the hungry or just spend some time with an old lady who has no one.I believe in peace,  love,  compassion and harmony in services. And I’ll do it untill my last breath.