My perspective of the world, my world, has been changed by a 2,000-mile flight. I kept wondering to myself if I made the right choice by flying over to a foreign land all on my own, not knowing anyone here. 

I hail from a small, conservative village in Karnataka State, India. My decision to further my studies in Malaysia was considered distasteful and worrisome. Personally, the only fear I had in regard to going abroad was that I spoke little to no English. 

That fear grew along with shame the day I was rejected during my first job interview, for not meeting their basic language requirement. I still recall being told, “You are not good enough for us, so we can’t hire you”.

The turning point of my life was when I told myself, I had enough, I am not going to be defined as “less” just because I am not proficient in a certain language. So I began self-learning, Youtube became my best friend and I watched dozens of Hollywood movies. Through perseverance and discipline, I was able to learn English in only a few months. I also got interview callbacks now that I was able to represent myself well. 

This newfound confidence I gained as a result of pushing myself fuelled my desire to become versatile and juggle different hats. My dream is to be able to make a positive contribution through entrepreneurship. Hence, I proceeded to spearhead and started six different businesses and NGOs whilst studying for my PHD. 

Seeing a lack of grocery participation from Indian entrepreneurs, myself and a team of friends founded an e-mart App called Minimart. Today, we have over 15,000 active customers all over Malaysia. 

I also co-founded Cake Lovers. It’s a  passion project with friends who are home bakers to help them sell their freshly baked cakes online. 

Another project founded by me is A2Z Malaysia, It is a service-based mobile application currently in the build stage and with plans to launch next year.

As I am passionate about social work, I founded Feed the Hungry during peak-covid in 2020 and managed to feed over 3,000 people within just 6 months. Currently, I volunteer with Malaysia Kannada Sangha to teach the Kannada language to students at Kannada Kali Malaysia School.  

Aside from tutoring, I also offer career guidance and entrepreneurial mentorship to Malaysian and Indian college students. I have mentored over 5000 people till date and made a positive influence on their lives. Not to mention, I am passionate about writing and performance arts. I have written over 50 short stories and 70 poems. I have performed in more than 100 stage programs as a professional Indian folk dancer and am familiar with 6 different folk dancing styles. I am also a content creator and Youtuber.

My proudest achievement was when I won the Malaysia National Level challenge and finished as a finalist on the World Level challenge during Alibaba Global E-Commerce Talent (GET) Challenge 2020.

The most valuable lesson I learnt in life is that people can either break you or make you. I chose the latter and it became my destiny.