Hi, I’m Wisely Koay. Even though I’m a recent biomedical science graduate, I feel like my journey has just begun. This is my approach of ‘Pushing Scientific Boundaries’.


Chapter 1: A Leap of Faith

Years ago, I wanted to pursue my tertiary studies in biomedical science as I have a strong passion towards science and healthcare. However, at that time, there were a lot of demotivating voices surrounding me saying: “There’s no future in biomed”, “You should study medicine”, “Malaysia cannot do research”.

Eventually, I tried looking for information online to see if I could get a glimpse of what biomedical science is all about, but to no avail.

After many sleepless nights filled with anxiety and self-doubt, I decided to take a leap of faith regardless of what others thought. And here I am, coursing through my biomedical science degree in University of Malaya.


Chapter 2: Growth

Over the years, I’ve really enjoyed my academic journey and have also joined various co-curriculars. I’ve collaborated with lecturers to develop Reusable Learning Objectives and have also managed various leadership roles such as being appointed as the Secretary of UM Biomedical Science Society.

With that, I’ve developed a more mature understanding about the state of biomedical science, especially in Malaysia. I believe the reason why people repulse biomedical science is because they don’t fully understand it due to the scarce information available.

I flashbacked to the time when I could have really benefited from the information and experience that I have now. Although I’m not able to turn back time, I realized I currently have the power to allow others to tap into my consciousness and provide insight to those who need it. And so, I began my journey to transform not only my life, but others as well.


Chapter 3: Transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic was the ultimate catalyst to my transformation. As we adapt to the new norm, I’ve picked up multiple new skills along the way.

In the past year, I began to push myself outside of my comfort zone by learning to script, shoot, and edit content for YouTube from the ground up in order to share my personal experiences to expose more youths to biomedical science and help them understand what it’s all about. On my channel ‘Wisely Koay’, I talk about what we learn in biomedical science, the career options available from there on out, personal growth and much more.

It wasn’t easy, but I’m grateful that I was able to help others by providing them insight and genuine advices. To this date, I’ve been able to generate over 60k organic views and answer hundreds of biomedical science-related questions.

I believe the biomedical science industry deserves much more love and attention in Malaysia to drive the development of scientific discovery in our country. Therefore, I aim to continue to positively influence and inspire more individuals to be bold and step foot into the vast world of innovation and science.