Growing up, I have always been told that as youths, we should equip ourselves with skillsets which are employable as we are the future of our generation by putting ourselves out there and taking every opportunity that comes. But, truth be told, I was once a shy girl who hid behind her sister’s shadows and was afraid of trying new things. I did not like the idea of doing something I was not familiar with, but my perspective changed when I started questioning the ‘what ifs’ in life.


What if I had the courage to try this out?

What if I had taken this step, would it make things better? 

What if I had not doubted myself?


That is when I started exploring and stepping out of my comfort zone. Being active in extracurricular activities, participating in sports, and taking up leadership roles to break through my limits and redefine the possibilities to embark on. Despite the hardships and challenges faced, each unique experience has taught me about resilience and not being afraid of redefining the endless possibilities there are to make. 


One distinct experience I went through this year was taking up the presidential role in my local chapter in AIESEC. Numerous perspectives and viewpoints were given to me as I am considered the youngest president by age as compared to presidents from other local chapters. It’s not common to have someone my age or in their first year of degree taking up a role that’s so significant and pristine as this, where usually final year students would. At times I do have doubts and feel inferior at times due to the seniority act and at the same time leading people older than me, but I am constantly reminded of the reason I took up the role in the first place. I want to lead the change and inspire more youths to be out of the ordinary and take ownership of the learnings they wish to achieve. 


The growth and learning curve that I have witnessed in me thus far has pulled through far beyond my expectations as I am placed in different challenging environments in overseeing the organisation and managing the membership, meeting different like-minded stakeholders and also contributing back to society. Without stepping out of my comfort zone and being bold, I would not be where I am today to see my growth and impact the ones around me. Nonetheless, I believe that age should not be the defining factor of a person’s capabilities and who they are as a person.


 Embark on a journey that is uniquely yours without succumbing to societal standards of the ‘norms of doing’ which tend to limit the act of doing out-of-the-ordinary things. To redefine what is possible and impossible to do, you lead the change as it all starts from YOU.