I started my study at Curtin University Malaysia in 2019. Back in my foundation year, I did not join any clubs or extra curriculums. I enjoy my time more often. However, I decided to change my mind and try to step out of my comfort zone by joining IEEE mentor program in 2020. As a mentor, I learnt a lot of new things that I did not learn in class. In the year 2021, I joined IEEE as a committee. Although it is a covid year, I also learnt a lot of soft skills like communication, leadership, teamwork, and many more! This year, I was elected as the vice chair of IEEE CMSB. As a VP of IEEE CMSB, I had learnt a lot during the year as the VP of the clubs. I gt more chance to learn other skills like 3d printer, Arduino, CNC machine, laser cutting and many more. During my journey in IEEE, it grows my personality and my mindset. Also, joining IEEE made my connection with people wider.