While the society chooses to predetermine the values to be achieved with respect to conventional norms and beliefs, students of specific fields are often overlooked and undermined. Such a field happens to be microbiology. Sajid Ur Rashid – a 3rd year student of BRAC University happens to be a student of this field.

While most of his classmates are extremely serious with studies, he chooses to see life as an opportunity for growth, enrichment and self actualization. His interest lies over a diverse plethora of artistic activities such as music, choreography and real life problem-solving simulations such as case competitions.

The year started off with time gradually shifting towards normalcy with the pandemic deviating away and institutions reopening. Everything seemed to be in a bit of a chaos since the transition phase between education institutions shifting to offline from online did take a toll over many. In such a circumstance, students studying in specialized fields were challenged with coping up instantaneously.

However, Sajid being an anomaly did not only cope up but tried to push through in terms of campus clubbing, extra and co-curricular activities. Being an executive of BRAC University Business Club, BIZ BEE, he managed to collaborate and pull off cultural events, international speaker-led seminars, internal events and recruitment. Apart from that, he joined Reverse School as a Content Writer to express his insights over failure and won an inter-university business competition as a member of a team.

The key takeaways from his transformational personality are:

Be Happy no matter what happens:
Life is too short to be spent with attention to gloom. Instead, be as joyful as you can to enjoy the little moments in life which go on to cause a butterfly effect.

Honesty is what matters:
Instead of focusing on what the world wants you to be, be honest and true to yourself so as to decipher the inner channels that are possessed by your soul.

Don’t let anything define you:
Be it a bad grade or a failed effort, nothing defines who you are. It is your actions and reactions that do.

Sajid wishes to successfully set up his own enterprise in the future and he is determined to allow himself to get there gradually.

“You don’t need many people to call friends, you just need a few who understand you and encourage you” – Sajid.