Looking back at past there were a lot of good and bad moments but let’s start from the very beginning

Growing up I had always been anemic and had low hemoglobin and iron which restricted my capabilities of playing sports. I also remained sick during most of my childhood which led to me being a shy and sacred little boy. By the time I ten years old I had already learned how to play guitar and that was the only thing that brough me some confidence but other than that there was absolutely nothing. Even though I was good at academics as a kid but I had no interests other than music. I was social but still kept myself somewhat hidden and away from people as I was very pale due to my lack of hemoglobin and was teased for it. Around the age of fifteen loneliness had gotten to me, I was no longer interested in anything and even lost my love for music and faced a huge decline in my grades as well which made it even worse for me. I always felt terrible about myself and how I was carrying myself, desperately trying to find something that would ignite the spark I finally found Photography. I always had a passion for photography but never realized it, fast forward one year and I already was getting better at it. Not only my skill set was getting higher but my health also made a huge recovery. Soon, I started participating in many photography and video making competition and after a while started winning as well. Now, I regained my love for music and took part in music competitions as well. Found a great friend that had the same passion for photography and music, we became unstoppable and unbeatable at school. After years of being neglected and someone who was easily forgotten I now was one of the most renowned student at school.

Photography made me realize that how just a hobby or anything that you enjoy doing can turn your mood and life around and now I don’t event consider it as a hobby, it’s a part of my life.