Since I  entered the field  of Modern media I want to  try  every possible aspect I could  and I had no idea where to start with  because i was so underconfident that I  always had this darkness that used to pull me back from every step and the main cause was the judgements by society . I used to grab the power to speak , They laughed. I got the courage to speak for me , the shunned , they told me to behave .
wait what ? behave ? I never disrespected anyone  , just kept my opinion in the best polite way and yes, because of the judgements always I  was drawn back to my old self and not just that , with the teenage there comes betrayal and loss of loved once  at that point of life you have no idea how to react back so I started with a change . I did every possible thing that brought me peace and pleasure, I started podcasting, I did voiceovers ,photography, I started writing but i still need to develop on that, and what else? yes, I did documentation , film making , worked with NGO – Connecting dreams foundation , I started making reels to develop an identity and create content, I worked with an  organization so that I could guide them out For social media management and digital marketing , post production and video editing , worked on SEO department  completed my graduation in Kathak – classical dance of India ,I started working out , joined a dance crew/club – Xhileration  and every possible  thing . The moment I started working on my self I stopped caring about society or other’s involvement in my life so I believe that  the moment you start believing in yourself, your potential and your possibilities, and you work on outcomes and be productive , You change and grow and that is the real light of life  all you need to do is Believe and trust yourself , gain  Confidence , work on production , develop a contrast,  look towards brightness,  accept the reality, control the society, speak for yourself , believe in growth,  because if life is difficult then prepare yourself to fight , not to give up .

– Shrianshi Jain