What did you realize during 2 years of a pandemic?

People always say we should make this or that decision to live the most perfect life.

You should figure out what you want to study during the age of 15, whether in the art or science streams.

You should know where to continue your study at the age of 17.

Omg, you’re not married at 35? What the hell are you doing with your life?

What happens in society is that we’re clouded by the noise. The noise of family expectations, our parents, and our brother’s and sisters’ expectations. Although the majority follow the path mentioned, I have my own understanding of my own life.


People will permanently lose or regret the decision because they don’t have clear clarity. I believe that anything you do without a purpose is called “commitment”, but if you have your own “why”, it becomes your passion.

I realized this from the experience when I joined various activities during my university life. I invest the majority of my time in different kinds of activities. I used to be on the organizing committee for the volunteer exchange program. I used to be the human resource manager in an organization to facilitate membership experience. I used to be the project lead to create an impact on the community.

I used to be having 4 to 5 meeting a week. I join at least 3 national conferences annually, and each panel is at least 5 days. Many people ask me why you are so active in joining all these activities? I was lost, actually and honestly. I have no idea. But in reality, I grow a lot. 

If I am not deciding to join all of this, I would say my university life is not colourful at all, and all this is the growing process from 2019-2022.

Without all this process, I couldn’t be the one I am today. This process led to the achievement after 3 years of persistence in joining this leadership development organization. I successfully impacted 42 B40 students by providing them tablets for them to study during the MCO period. I successfully lead a function with 19 members and 4 projects.


I couldn’t imagine I would be able to do all this before I steeping in Uni. During the process, I realized the importance of having your own intentions in doing everything in your life. As university students, our primary mission is to study well and get a high CGPA. In addition, I would say all the journey I go through is a gift for me to know who I am.

We are not born with extraordinary power and vision to see everything. We have to step through a lot of pits to know who we are.

I realized the only thing that can make us walk until the end of the journey is its purpose.

The last sentence to close my stories. 

-Trust the process and hold your passions.-



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