My life started with dim memories. When I was a kid, I lost my dad, then I lived with my grandmom. After a few years, my grandmom passed away.  My mom was busy with work to raise me.  I don’t know what happiness is. All I know is that life is never fair to me. When I grow up, I see that other kids have a happy life. They have family, friends, and happiness. I always blame faith and can’t accept this life. I always cry and be a coward to anyone else. I hate people who have comfy life. For me, life is never fair to me.

In secondary school, I was still nobody. Why? I needed to work to help my family to earn some money. I didn’t have the heart to let my mother work hard all by herself to support the family. My other siblings also worked hard to help the family. At this point,  I felt I am not like another teenager.  Other teenagers always hangs out with friends, fell in love and they didn’t need to work hard. This made people think of me weird and I was always think negatively about myself.

At workplaces, I still had negative mindset. I always said to myself, why do I need to go to work? I also want to have fun like typical teenagers. I had bad experience  at some of my workplace where  I had food thrown at my face by customers just because the food  didn’t look the same as in the picture. This made me became a reserve person.

But all this changed when I study at UiTM. It was very hard in the beginning, especially when Covid-19 hit. My laptop broke and my phone too. At that time, I was at college and no one want to help me.  I hit rock bottom . But then miracle happened. I got reached by my lecturers, they helped me mentally and financially. I used the to build my first desktop with my brother.

Everything change since then. I met  good people. I realize that happiness is always with me, but I need to change my mindset. I try to become positive student, keep the good vibes, and spread it. Since MCO, my academic performance has improved. During final year, I became a new person, I believe in myself. Even at time I feel exhausted – in the morning I had to go to class, at the evening I had to go to work and at night I do my final year project and assignments. I kept going and had better perspectives at life and world

This made me to push my limit. Finally, I get the dean’s list for my final semester. Now, I am an intern as QA engineer. I find peace within myself now. What I realize is that we actually need to create that happiness and try to think positively in every situation, and good things will come. That my story.