In the mission to unleash the best potential of young talents across Asia, Monsta Asia has relentlessly persevered to produce the best learning, working and networking experience for the youth. For the past 5 years, we have helped to organise and promote hundreds of volunteer opportunities and educational events.

Thousands of young participants have been inspired and they always have 3 takeaways after attending our events – 1 knowledge, 1 smile and 1 new friend. This is what we guarantee the participants will have after joining our events. 

How about joining our team experiences?

On the outside, we are often labelled as the biggest young talent platform in Asia. But, if you take a look from the inside, you will see this huge platform is supported by a rather small team.

More than 80% of our team members are from Generation Z. As we say, “For Youth, By Youth.” If you are interested to join us, you can contact us on any social media platform and we will answer all your burning questions!

With MonStar Awards 2022 in full swing, we took this chance to pull back the curtain and interviewed some of our team members and let them tell you what it’s like to be in a highly value-driven company with a flexible culture

  Growth Commitee: Atiqah   

  Project Coordinator: Christina

 Graphic Designer: Claire

Monsta: What made you decide to join the Monsta team?

Atiqah: I came across the Monsta Asia website and I found Ms Chan Zhi Ee (our founder)’s video about youth empowerment. It was really inspiring and that’s what makes me want to join Monsta.

Christina: There are 2 reasons. First, I believe that youth has voice and I’m glad that I’m in a team that represents youth voices. Secondly, it’s my way of paying forward, because while I was young, someone guided me on how to deal with the things in career and whatnot. 

Claire: I watched MonStar Awards last year. This year I decided to join Monsta Team as a volunteer because I know joining Monsta team will expand my horizons.

Monsta: What are some of your highlights of being in the Monsta team?

Atiqah: My biggest highlight would be able to work in a vibrant team and meet a lot of new people.

Christina: When I see my team members are able to achieve the results from their hard work. 

Claire: My highlight as a volunteer is meeting new people


Monsta: What’s the biggest challenge you faced while you worked with the Monsta team?

Atiqah: I am always doubting myself whether I do things right or wrong because I don’t have a lot of experience in the tasks I’m doing. But, I believe that that’s how I’m able to learn!

Christina: Dealing with the age gap between the Monsta team members. I need to stay relevant and communicate in a way young people will understand.

Claire: The biggest challenge I faced while working with the Monsta Team was juggling my time between a full-time job and volunteering but it taught me how to get better every day.


Monsta: What was your best memory when you worked with the Monsta team?

Atiqah: It would be during the MonStar Awards last year. I was able to meet a lot of talented young people.

Christina: It was the time when we had an informal ‘makan’ session and game night. It was the best memory and it was so much fun! 

Claire: My best memory during the time I worked with Monsta Team is attending meetings and learning new topics once every month.


Monsta: What’s your message to anyone keen to join Monsta?

Atiqah: Be fearless and start your journey in Monsta!

Christina: Don’t think too much about it. Join right away!

Claire: My message to anyone keen to join Monsta is not afraid to join this team and you’ll learn a lot


Monsta: What’s the one word you would describe Monsta’s experience?

Atiqah: Inspiring!

Christina: Exciting! 

Claire: Awesome!


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