I was once a timid girl, who has a low level of self-confidence and was a daydreamer. Unlike my elder sister who always excels in academics, I tend to be told that I was good at nothing except having average grades, which I think that I was a nobody until I got into my first year of Degree. I decided to make a change as I wanted to prove to myself that maybe I am good at something.

Being a wanderer for years, I decided to take a step forward to involve myself in activities. I joined a magic club called Arcana Atrium and joined the committee team of the SHINE Talent Competition, a competition that encourages young adults to show their talents on stage, under the marketing team of the committee. In the year 2019, I became the vice-president of SHINE 2.0 and joined MacamYes Studio as an intern for three months. However, in 2020, the sudden lockdown period struck me down for a very long period as I couldn’t join any physical activities. Furthermore, being the director of SHINE 3.0, I and my teammates struggled a lot to make it happen through online platforms without any guidance. Thankfully, due to everyone’s hard work and effort, especially my partner, the event was a success. In 2021, I decided to try out online classes to learn more skills and reduce my anxiety level, and since then I found myself attached to composing and production. By gaining experience from the past years, after discussing with my partner whom I used to work with since SHINE 2.0, we decided to work together by creating a music band named UNDEFINED in August 2022. For more information about our team, feel free to look into our social media accounts on Instagram and Soundcloud.

During these years in my committee team and my internship, I had difficulties in admitting my weakness as I think that admitting myself knowing nothing was a shameful matter in society. However, having me reflect on the past made me think that there is nothing to be ashamed of if you do know nothing. Just accept the truth calmly and learn it. Throughout these years, especially during the lockdown period, I learnt to accept myself more rather than follow the others’ footsteps. If you tried a road that does not work for you, just turn to another. There are hundreds and thousands of ways to reach there, no matter if it is a short route or a long journey, or how long you take to reach your goals. Don’t be afraid to follow your own pace. Furthermore, teamwork is one of the most important things that I learned throughout my transformation. Although it took me a long time to trust my teammates, especially my partner, I think trust is important when it comes to teamwork. By having trust in each other, teammates can communicate better, thereby forming a bond that may create something that no one could think of.