Who am I ?

I always thought of answering the question of who am I?

And in fact, until now, I haven’t figured out who I am

But I discovered some things about me when I was with my sister in hospital for two months and three weeks

I was always the shy girl, afraid of everything, not standing up for herself…etc.

But being with my sister taught me a lot

In the beginning I found everything difficult

But I challenged myself

First, I took good care of my sister

At the same time, I was taking online classes for the university

Face my fear of talking to people and talk to doctors and nurses for my little sister

Plus I learned how to make an appointment

And I defended my sister when needed

Like when some nurses were not doing their job well to my sister

They hit her with needles more than once because my sister didn’t feel so I got angry at them and from that day they didn’t do it again.

In short, I learned:.

Rely on myself

to be questioned

How do I organize my day so that I take care of my sister and study?

I learned that you don’t always have to be kind because sometimes people take advantage of your kindness


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