I’m Abinayasree, an 18-year-old social media content creator. I grew up in a B40 community and was pretty lost, with no goals or purpose in life. When I was 14, I met this group of youngsters from Ascendance I was taken aback by the 4 Founders of Ascendance who were doing phenomenally well while still going to school. They were CEOs or their own startups, they are international conference speakers and they aim to inspire their fellow peers to figure out their passion and turn it into a sustainable career while still going to school.

I was inspired to figure out more about myself and the things that I am passionate about. Hence why I started out by involving myself in various projects from hostings talkshows & conferences, organising events, video editing, photography, music and finance to sending emails. I used to take trains, and buses just to meet the team weekly to work on my goals. Eventually, I notice myself getting more interested in Social Media Content Creation but never thought that I could turn it into a career, so I was just doing it for fun.

Thanks to Ascendance and my team that by the time I stepped out of high school, I already had a career that I was passionate about. Right now, I am developing my career with ET Boost, a video production house & a digital marketing company where I am leading the Social Media Content Creation Division. I am also happy to share my knowledge and experience with fellow peers through the events, workshops and conferences that are organized by Ascendance. I was promoted as the Head of Publicity of Ascendance and I’m currently one of the core team members of Ascendance.

This year, we collaborated with a Fortune 500 company, Avery Dennison to reach out to 3,600 students all across Malaysia by providing them access to our online platform. For this project, we travelled to 11 states in Malaysia and 35 schools, where I got to share my experience with my peers. I was super happy to be able to inspire fellow youngsters, just like how Ascendance inspired me to go after my goals and live my dreams.

Besides, we recently organized the world’s largest student-led conference with 22,000+ registered students, ten phenomenal speakers and a vast group of Gen Z working hard behind the scenes to make this conference a success. I had the opportunity to lead my team of Gen Z from 9 to 17 years old to show them how they can use social media for a good cause and create a branding presence. Aside from guiding youngsters, I also found my career in Social Media Content Creation, where I provide content for my client’s (companies, CEOs, artists, directors) social media platforms.

I got to transform from a normal, insecure, not confident kid to someone who is confident, someone who is inspiring many youngsters and who has her own career at the age of 18. From my journey of figuring out my passion and making a difference in the world, I believe any youngsters who are given similar opportunities can make a change in the world as well and we want to help & inspire every youngster by providing them with similar platforms through Ascendance.