Being a head prefect might seem as a huge achievement for most people, but not until you’re disrespected by most students, prefects and teachers. I was once a very egoistic leader during high school, causing me to be hated and boycotted by the prefectorial board & sidelined by most of my classmates. I was also being claimed as the “Worst Head Prefect in the School’s History” as I fell into a relationship when I was the head prefect, while one of the main prefectorial board rules is to not fall into a relationship during your high school days. Stubborn, dictatorship and lack of people skills had caused me to lost my influence as a student leader and be isolated by my classmates. Worse still, going to school every day was mentally exhausted for me as I had to face the rejection and oppression from my classmates and prefects in general.

After undergoing a year of isolation, losing friends and eventually breaking up in my relationship, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to change. Every storm will eventually past, the year of transformation for me begun the moment I entered university, and the first thing that I did was to join a Toastmasters club. Toastmasters is an international non-profit organisation that trains people to become confident speakers and leaders. As I failed as a leader in my high school, I decided to join Toastmasters club in my campus to learn on how to become a successful speaker and leader. With a year of consistent practice, I became a confident speaker and public speaking has since become my second nature. I had also represented my club & campus to compete in numerous public speaking competitions, and had won multiple “Best Speaker Awards” in different Toastmasters meetings. Apart from public speaking, I had the privilege to take up the leadership role as Toastmasters’ Club President, which was a skill that I failed during high school. Thankfully, I was able to unite my team and led the club to achieve “Early President Distinguished Club” status, which is the highest award level in Toastmasters to be given to a club.

Besides Toastmasters, I had also served as TARUC Bursa Young Investor Club exco for two consecutive terms. One of the most memorable moments as a finance student was to win the local champion for CFA Research Challenge 2021/2022 and represented Malaysia together with my team to compete with other teams from the Asia Pacific Region. It was an extremely tough challenge as we had to compete with 29 teams from 18 universities nationwide, before officially be crowned as the local champion. Our victory was also featured in mainstream media including The Star and China Press. Throughout my 4-year of finance degree, I consider myself blessed that I found my deep passion in stock trading and is currently preparing myself to become a professional proprietary day trader at an investment bank. All these changes will not happen without the intention to transform myself years ago.