2022 Is A Year Of Transformation

Since 2018, MonStar Awards has been acclaimed as the Asia Young Talent Awards that discovers and recognises young talents who inspire, innovate and influence. With this award, the Finale Show will help to gather all the young future changemakers to show everyone the powerful youth’s fearless spirits and driven passions on how they transform the Earth into a better place.

You can choose to attend…

A LIVE theatrical finale show in Kuala Lumpur


Virtual interactive sessions with sought-after MA2022 juries

Experience a LIVE theatrical show that uncovers, unfolds, and unmasks your true self

Venue: Panggung DBKL
Date: 26th November 2022
Time: 7pm - 11pm

LIVE Show: The __ Life of Jane(s)

This year will be different as the MA2022 Finale Show will take place at the most historical theatre hall - Panggung DBKL, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A live theatrical performance will be transcended and transformed in front of your eyes.

“The __ Life of Jane” will lure the audience into a different reality and speak the hidden truth close to everyone’s heart. This is a story about Jane, an idealistic 20-something, who undergoes a MAJOR failure in her life, causing her to explore different DIMENSIONS in her journey to make the most of her current reality…

This Show is For…

Youth who’s lost and looking for life and career direction

University and youth organisations that wish to understand youth more

Business owner and industry player who’s looking for new talents

Friends and families who want to support the MA2022 participants

Anyone who enjoys a relaxing, fun, exciting night in a historical theatre!

You’ll Leave the Night with…

New friends

A potential epiphany

New life excitement

A smile

Your true self, not the one you’re “fronting”

More Activities

Rapid Mingle

Wall of Fame

Media Interviews

Networking Lounge

Theatre Performance

Awards Ceremony

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Our Past Finale Show’s Highlights

Let’s Celebrate & Inspire Growth Together!

What others said about the experience

Jenny Wong

I had a great opportunity participating in MonStar Awards and get exposed to talented youths across Asia.

I have learned to be more clear about my goals and visions, that MonStar Awards made me to realise that we all have unlimited potentials in achieving great things in life.


I had the best time connecting with talented people across Asia, thanks to the MonStar Awards!

Even though it was conducted online during my time, the night was memorable because I remembered how I sat in the living room with my family as Datin Vivy announced my name. An unforgettable moment indeed!


The MonStar Awards is an amazing experience with high profile juries, exciting performance and impactful network.

It will definitely benefit all Young Talents who join it! 

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